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Interactive mathematics in the webbrowser

Version: webMathematica 11
Compatible with Mathematica 11.3
Revision History

webMathematica is based on Mathematica and two standard Java technologies: Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP). Servlets are special Java programs that run in a Java-enabled web server, which is typically called a "servlet container" (or sometimes a "servlet engine"). There are many different types of servlet containers that can run on many different operating systems and architectures. The servlet containers can also be integrated into other web servers, such as the Apache web server.

webMathematica allows a site to deliver HTML pages that are enhanced by the addition of Mathematica commands. When a request is made for one of these pages, the Mathematica commands are evaluated and the computed result is inserted into the page. This is done with a standard Java technology, JSP, making use of custom tags.

webMathematica is online availabe in English.
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