SystemModeler – Uses and Examples of Wolfram SystemModeler

Branchenbezogene Anwendungsbeispiele des Wolfram SystemModelers

Develop realistic models and digital twins for any industry with System Modeler. Core built-in components and custom libraries can represent elements and processes in any domain. Download a trial to experiment with the dynamic models yourself.

Aerospace & Defense

Model and test complex systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), space robotics, and aircraft dynamics. SystemModeler enables system- and component-level design and continuous testing and verification.

Aircraft Catapult

Model a hydraulic aircraft catapult to accelerate an aircraft to a high speed in a short distance.

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Create a library for aircraft modeling, which can be used to study flight dynamics during different flight conditions.

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Model a satellite with a combination of 3D mechanics and block-based control logic and visualize the path for the satellite.

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Flap System Reliability: Cessna 441

Compute the reliability of a Cessna 441 flap system using lifetime data for the individual hydraulic parts.

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Automotive & Transportation

Design and simulate vehicle dynamics, powertrain controllers, chassis and safety systems, and more with SystemModeler. Combine with Mathematica for control system design and optimization.

Cruise control

Import an FMU of a cruise control model from Simulink and evaluate its performance in a car model in Wolfram SystemModeler.

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This example explores how the transmission control unit parameters affect fuel consumption for a midsize car.

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Truck Seat Suspension

Model an active damper and compare with a passive damper in the driver's seat of a heavy truck.

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Cam Design

Design and prototype mechanisms such as cams with the symbolic component creation capabilities in SystemModeler.

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Heavy Equipment


Explore the reachable positions of an excavator's bucket and visualize the movement.

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Active Damping

Minimize vibrations in a diesel engine using a tuned mass damper.

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Hydraulic Motor

Study the effect of changing displacement in a hydraulic motor.

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Model Inversion Control of a Hoist Crab

In this example, a model of a hoist crab is used to demonstrate the application of model inversion control in controlling nonlinear systems.

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Industrial Manufacturing

Model new manufacturing processes prior to implementation or existing ones in order to diagnose problems. Use Mathematica for analyses including pre- and post-processing of models, simulations, and results.

Industrial Robot

Find the optimal way between two points for an industrial robot arm.

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Printing Press

Analyze configurations in which bouncing of the cylinders occurs in a flexographic printing press.

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Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor

Find an optimal control signal for a continuously stirred tank reactor (CSTR), while obeying safety limitations in temperature.

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Stewart Platform

Analyze the movement of a parallel manipulator and visualize its path in 3D.

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Consumer Products

Design home appliances and other electronics systems with SystemModeler and easily incorporate non-electronic elements, such as mechanical assemblies and temperature control, into the complete design.

Joystick Design

Compare three designs for a spring-based recentering mechanism in an analog joystick.

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Refrigerator Freezer

Simulate a household refrigerator freezer in several scenarios, including handling events such as the sudden triggering of a thermostat.

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Electric Kettle

Simulate a controlled heating process in a water heater. Combine components from multiple domains and identify parameters.

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Use SystemModeler to develop accurate models of wind, solar, and other power generation and distribution systems. Combine with Mathematica for further optimization and analysis.

House Heating

Compare energy consumption for house heating needs in different locations using measurement data.

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This model allows you to analyze how a battery responds to thermal conditions as well as to charge and discharge cycles.

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Life Sciences

Use SystemModeler for modeling and analysis throughout drug discovery, development, clinical trials, and manufacturing. The flexible environment supports application areas such as systems biology, bioinformatics, and more.

Meal Simulation

Simulates the process that maintains healthy blood glucose levels in the human body after eating a meal.

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Insulin Signaling

Model a biochemical process and study how insulin signaling in fat cells works.

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Estimating Liver Function

Create a pharmacokinetic model to describe the distribution and transfer rates of contrast agent between different parts of the body.

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An Influenza Epidemic

Model the spread of an influenza virus in a population with components from the SystemDynamics library.

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Enhance managerial understanding by using Wolfram System Modeler to simulate dynamic models of strategic business, economics and public policy issues.

Production Chain

Model a production chain for a company producing a durable good.

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Employee Management

Vary the control parameters that relate to aspects of the human resource planning (HRP) process to test different HRP strategies.

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Modeling the World

Combine system dynamics methodology with data from Wolfram|Alpha.

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Use examples from a wide range of application areas to learn about modeling and simulation with SystemModeler and the Modelica language.

Ice Pod

Model ice contact with propellers and investigate these forces with standardized load test cases.

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System Integration with FMI

Use the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) to export a model from SystemModeler and import it in NI VeriStand to test a system in real time.

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Electrical Circuit Reliability

Use SystemModeler's reliability capabilities to study how heat affects the mean time to failure for an electrical circuit.

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