Enhanced 3D Image Processing

3D Image Processing in Mathematica 10

Mathematica Version 10 extends and optimizes the support for processing and analyzing 3D volumes. Now essentially any operation possible for 2D images also works for 3D images. New additions cover segmentation algorithms, feature detection, advanced morphological operations, geometric transformation and registration, and more. Furthermore, the new interactive 3D image toolbar makes it easy to modify the transfer function, specify clipping planes, and more.

  • Comprehensive support for 3D image processing and analysis. »
  • Interactive user assistant toolbar for editing color functions and specifying clipping planes and viewing perspectives.
  • Registration of 3D volumes using a selection of algorithms.
  • Spatial transformations in 3D, including affine, perspective, and more. »
  • Extensive support for 3D segmentation. »
  • Analysis and selection of 3D components. »
  • Comprehensive expansion of 3D feature detection: corners, edges, ridges, and more. »
  • Advanced morphological operations, such as distance transformation and Euler number.
  • Histogram equalization and histogram matching in 3D. »
  • Direct support for sending Image3D objects to C/C++ libraries via LibraryLink. »
  • Support for import and export of BigTIFF files. »
  • Speed improvements to cope with large volumetric data, e.g. DerivativeFilter. »
  • Built-in utilities for creating constant or gradient 3D images. »

Image3D Interactive Toolbar »

Segmentation of Cochlea in 3D »

Segmentation of a Knee Bone in 3D »

Component Analysis & Selection in 3D »

Measurements on a 3D Region of Interest »

Measuring Bone Thickness »

Geometric Transformation of Volume Components »

Arbitrary 3D Transformations »

Corners in 3D »

Ridges in 3D »

Principal Axes of a Volume »

Analyzing and Rendering Simulation Data »

3D Volumes and Linking to C/C++ »

Performance Improvements »