Core Language

Core Language in Mathematica 11

Mathematica Version 11 extends the functionality of the core language. Enhancements include fine-tuned manipulation of associations with new predicates and association pattern matchings, extraction and comparison of sequences of expressions, manipulation and creation of coordinate arrays, easy tuning and debugging with visualization of intermediate steps of a computation, new built-in capabilities for the study of computational systems, broader possibilities for functional iterations, and updated formatting of dataset structure.

Key Features

  • New functions to compute ranges of lists and arrays of numbers, quantities, dates, and more. »
  • Extended support for extraction of the numerically largest and smallest values. »
  • Additional functionality for tuning and debugging. »
  • New functions for testing and pattern matching with sequences of elements. »
  • Expanded functionality to explore computational systems. »
  • Enhanced support for functional processing of lists and arrays. »
  • New layout for dataset objects. »
  • Pattern matching support and other improvements for associations. »

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