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Wolfram SystemModeler is a software platform for simulating multidimensional, physical systems, which can be created per drag and drop thanks to the intuitive user interface.

Using the Wolfram SystemModeler, high-precision modeling simulations can be performed, because, unlike almost every other system, the SystemModeler computes not only numerically but also symbolically, i.e. with arbitrary accuracy. Numerous libraries, including the related modeling tools, simplify these multiphysical simulations. The models are created by drag-and-drop components from integrated or added libraries. The liberaries contain components from a variety of technical fields, e.g. electrical, mechanical, fluidic, and chemical applications, as well as from biological applications and energy managment.

To simulate and experiment with models you typically interactively select what variables to visualize or for 3d mechanical systems automatically animate.

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For programmatic control of simulation and more advanced analysis and design there is a built-in Wolfram SystemModeler Link that integrates Mathematica and Wolfram SystemModeler. Typical analysis tasks include parameter sweeps, sensitivity analysis. Typical design tasks include parameter optimization such as in model calibration or control design.

Due to the scope and depth of SystemModeler, the field of application can not clearly be defined. Potential users include system engineers, control engineers, system biologists, researchers, hobbyists, educators, students, and many others.

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Modeling and Simulation

With drag-and-drop component-based design, SystemModeler makes it easy to create realistic multidomain models. Accurately simulate system behavior with efficient built-in numerical solvers that correctly handle systems with events and discontinuous behavior. Visualization is immediate, including automatic animation of 3D mechanical components.

  • Drag and drop modeling
  • Hierarchical modeling
  • Multidomain modeling
  • Built-in model libraries
  • Hybrid systems modeling
  • Simulation and experimentation
  • Instant visualization
  • more ...

Analysis and Design with Mathematica

Bring the full power of Mathematica to your model analysis. Programmatically control SystemModeler simulations and use built-in functions for finding model equilibria, linearizing models, and more. Perform model calibration and system optimization using Mathematica's symbolic and numerical features, and present your results with advanced graphics and interactivity.

  • Programmatic simulation control
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Model calibration
  • Notebook environment
  • Plotting and custom visualization
  • Model and equation analysis
  • Control system design
  • mehr ...

For more in-depth information, visit the Features of SystemModeler pages.


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Modellierung Modellierung (1:08)
Simulation Simulation (1:01)
Analyse Analyse (1:06)



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