Natural Language Processing

Mathematica 12: Natural Language Processing

Version 12 takes advantage of the recent advances in deep learning to bring state-of-the-art capabilities in natural language understanding. New reading comprehension functions can be used on text to answer questions or extract semantic contents. Additionally, a collection of pre-trained neural net models is available to be used as is or fine-tuned to a specific language task. Finally, the neural network framework has been updated with specific capabilities for text, making it one of the easiest tools to solve natural language problems.

Mathematica 12: Natural Language Processing
  • Answer natural language questions from text. »
  • Identify more than 200 entity types in text. »
  • Find occurrences of identification elements such as phone numbers. »
  • Extract text written in a given language or about a given topic. »
  • Transfer knowledge of a built-in model to a new task. »
  • Create a custom multilingual text tokenizer. »
  • Learn to generate text. »
  • Create a custom autocompleter. »
  • Use recurrent layers to train a neural network classifier. »
  • Create custom recurrent layers via net operators. »

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