Wolfram Language Code Gallery

See the Wolfram Language in action

Covering a variety of fields, programming styles, and project sizes, the Wolfram Language Code Gallery shows examples of what can be done with the knowledge-based Wolfram Language - including deployment on the web or elsewhere.

Implement “Hello World” in the Cloud

Blur Faces in an Image

Make a Flag Map

Hide Secret Messages in Images

Plot the Yearly Path of the Sun

Make a Weather Dashboard

Recognize Handwritten Digits

Implement Conway’s Game of Life

Interpret Natural Language

Generate Random Pronounceable Words

Determine If a Text Is Prose or Poetry

Track a GPS-Equipped Wolf

Plot a Random Walk

Determine the Language of a Text

Determine the Author of a Text

Map Volcanic Ash Cloud Advisories

Make a Table of Graphs

Classify Images as Day or Night

Make a 3D Image from an Elevation Map

Map Population Distributions

Color a Map by Country

Correct and Grade Keyboard Practice

Make Mnemonics for Telephone Numbers

Make a Logo Design Widget

Make a Hipstamatic Filter

Color Countries by GDP

Compare Old and Modern English

Make a Capital Temperature URL

Make Pop Art

Make a You-Centric World Map

Find Your Age in Days

Find the Population of a Country

Plot Histories of Stock Prices

Plan a City Tour

Plot Population Growth

Make an Elevation Map

Examine Seasonal Temperatures

Visualize Celebrity Gossip

Make a Tooltip Flag Quiz

Email Freeze Alerts

Deploy an Age-Guessing Website

Detect Faces in Real Time

Classify Facebook Topics and More

Log Data in the Cloud

Make a 3D Image from a Point Cloud