Cultural and Historical Entities

Mathematica 12: Cultural and Historical Entities

Version 12 includes expanded data in a wide range of domains related to notable people, media, language and other aspects of human history and culture. Noteworthy enhancements have been made to data about historical countries, military conflicts and linguistic-related entities, as well as ongoing expansion of curated data about and connections between notable people, books, films and musical works.

Mathematica 12: Cultural and Historical Entities
  • Geographic data describing the extent of thousands of historical countries.
  • Computable data about hundreds of thousands of notable people and their connections to other individuals and entities.
  • Detailed information about the creation, publication and people associated with notable movies, books and artworks.
  • Extensive data linking notable musical acts, albums and songs.
  • Historical statistics on frequency and popularity of given names and surnames
  • Curated and computable data about languages and writing scripts throughout human history.

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