ADDITIVE, a historical outline
Your competent partner for technically scientific applications

In 1989, PCs at every work station and graphical user interfaces were a vision - today they have become standard eveyrwhere. Assuming that this development would revolutionize the technical-scientific field, Peter Scholz and Andreas Heilemann got together in the late summer of 1989 and made plans to establish a company dedicated to this topic. In November, the decision was reached to found ADDITIVE. At first, in a basement in Frankfurt. Then, in January 1990, the company foundation of ADDITIVE, Soft- und Hardware für Technik und Wissenschaft GmbH was officially confirmed.

In the beginning, ADDITIVE was organized in two business divisions, 'Messtechnik' and 'Software' (measurement technology and software).

  • Division Messtechnik: solutions for physical measurement
  • Division Software: solutions for technology and science, mathematics and statistics, computational chemistry and chemical informatics

Besides the acquisition of customers, the first years were shaped by the search for appropriate software and hardware and correspondingly farsighted manufacturers.

Below, some of the milestones in the history of ADDITIVE are listed.

1990 Beginning of the cooperation with Wolfram Research
1991 Beginning of the cooperation with OriginLab
1992 ADDITIVE grows and needs more rooms, relocation from Frankfurt to Friedrichsdorf, Max-Planck-Strasse 9
1992 Beginning of the cooperation with imc Meßsysteme Gmbh, Berlin
1996 As early as 1996 ADDITIVE already sets up their own webpages, using a SUN (at that time with Solaris) as web server
1996 ADDITIVE grows and needs more rooms, relocation from the Max-Planck-Strasse 9 to Rohrwiesenstrasse
1997 The first web-based data applications using Mathematica as computation and visualization slave (on SUN Solaris) are created.
1998 Setting up of the business division ADDITIVE-ACADEMY, based on the ORIGIN-ACADEMY for trainings regarding all ADDITIVE products
1999 Beginning of cooperation with Minitab Inc.
2000 ADDITIVE grows and needs more rooms, expansion of the company's location in Rohrwiesenstrasse by rooms in Bahnstrasse, connected by several self-installed optical fibers
2000 ADDITIVE becomes an ASP software provider for web services via mobile phone and internet for technical scientific software
2001 Setting up of the business division IT-SERVICE, solutions for networks, network security, internet connection and web design
2002 Buildup of an in-house content management system for webpages of ADDITIVE infoservice
2006 ADDITIVE grows and needs more rooms, relocation from the Rohrwiesenstrasse to Max-Planck-Strasse 22b
2006 Cooperation with ISDT regarding the further development and sales of MetaChartPlus, a web-based software conference system, providing the participants with access to one or more virtual conference rooms from their work stations, including remote maintenance of PCs
2008 Development of internet platform WebDevices for measuring and monitoring via internet
2009 Development of the ADDITIVE LIMS-Erweiterung (extension) with Origin
2010 Development of the ADDITIVE Webserverplattform and beginning of its marketing as ADDITIVE Qualitätsserver (AQUA) including Minitab
2012 Peter Scholz resigns as CEO and partner of ADDITIVE and founds the imc Test & Measurement GmbH (splitting off for new foundation). Andreas Heilemann becomes exclusive owner of ADDITIVE. The business divisions SOFTWARE, IT-SERVICE and ACADEMY are continued unaltered. The business division Messtechnik becomes legally independent and is continued as imc Test & Measurement GmbH; this company resumes unrestrictedly the legal succession of the business division Messtechnik of ADDITIVE, more details about the splitting.
ADDITIVE and imc continue to sharing the rooms and work strategically together. The employees of the companies ADDITIVE and imc keep their jobs and remain in the same offices as before the splitting.
2013 ADDITIVE Cloud Services go on tour as "Messtechnik Cloud"
2014 ADDITIVE is associate partner within the EU project VeriMetrix under the consortium of "Fraunhofer SIT (Cloud Computing, Identity & Privacy)", "Colt Technology Service" and "avodao rechtsanwälte"
2015 ADDITIVE founds the business division Messtechnik-Sensorik
2017 ADDITIVE becomes sales partner of nanolike, which produces strain gauges as nano sensors (active measurement range 100 µm)
2019 ADDITIVE becomes strategic distribution partner for Revvity Signals Software for the DACH region with the extended products like TIBCO Spotfire® and Signals Notebook
30 years of ADDITIVE, Press Article in 'Wirtschaftsleben Friedrichsdorf'