New in Wolfram SystemModeler 14

List of new or improved features

  • Default to using Modelica Standard Library 4.0.0
  • Automatic propagation of units though connections and equations
  • Improved experimental detection of invalid uses of units and display units throughout models
  • Flexible and automatic conversion of a very large selection of units in input fields and plots
  • Choose preferred unit systems to use globally (SI, Imperial, US, ...)
  • Class rename finds and updates all usages in the complete library and, optionally, in all loaded libraries
  • Component rename finds and updates all usages in the complete library and, optionally, in all loaded libraries
  • Snap to intersections between plot curves


Analyze Model Uncertainties

Understand the consequences of uncertainties in model inputs and parameters, such as component variability in engineering systems and varying assumptions in social systems with System Modeler 14.

Example: Uncertainties in Herd Immunity

Model Battery-Powered Systems

Model battery packs in System Modeler 14 using the new built-in Battery library. Include battery packs in cars, drones and grids to analyze and optimize performance.

Example: Energy Self-Sufficient Buildings

Model Multi-clocked Systems

In System Modeler 14, the Clocked library offers higher-level abstractions for dealing with clocking mechanisms, allowing you to model multi-rate systems.

Video: Model Multi-clocked Systems (2:21)

Unit Handling

Switch among SI, English (imperial and US) and your own custom unit systems within System Modeler 14. Add units to your library and detect errors.

Video: Unit Handling (2:34)

Collaborative System Modeler Packages

With System Modeler 14, you can configure your packages to install as read only or allow users to access, modify and update local copies of the library.

Video: Collaborative System Modeler Packages (1:29)

Improved Plotting

Snap to intersections between plot curves when adding measurements. Choose a default plot theme for all plots. Use and save log scales on axes.

Video: Improved Plotting (1:52)

See the complete list of what's new in SystemModeler 14 on the Wolfram Research website.

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