Wolfram Player App

Wolfram Player App is a free mobile app for viewing notebooks and CDFs on an iOS mobile device. The following functionality is available to all Wolfram Player App users:

  • Load and render CDF/notebook documents from the Wolfram Cloud, email and various cloud storage services
  • Sideloading is also allowed through email, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, iTunes, and AirDrop
  • 100% fidelity for visualizing CDFs and notebooks
  • All content in the Wolfram Player App will be static by default. Interactive content can be made available with a plan.

Interactive content activation

Interactive content will be enabled in the following situations. The user has an active plan for one of the following products (including access through a site license, service plan, or complimentary plan):

  • Wolfram Mathematica Online (Standard, Student, Home, Trial)
  • Wolfram|One (Professional, Professional Plus, Personal, Personal Plus, Trial)
  • The user is viewing an EnterpriseCDF.
  • The user has enabled interactive content through an in-app purchase

Wolfram Player App does not support the following functionality:

  • Saving documents
  • Editing documents
  • Shift + Enter evaluations
  • Creating new notebooks

Wolfram Player App cloud features require sign in, but will allow users to work offline for up to 7 days, even if they lose Internet connectivity.
All use of Wolfram Player App is subject to the Wolfram Cloud terms of use.

Wolfram Player App on the iPad

Wolfram Player App on the iPhone