Relational Database Connectivity

Mathematica 12: Relational Database Connectivity

Relational databases and SQL have become the de facto standard for interacting with large, structured datasets. However, as of today there are many competing SQL dialects with confusingly different syntaxes. Version 12 introduces a completely symbolic way of interacting with relational databases using entities, which eliminate the need of knowing the details of the SQL dialect you are using. For the first time in the Wolfram Language, tools are provided for interacting with terabyte-scale data integrating out-of-core and in-memory techniques.

Mathematica 12: Relational Database Connectivity
  • Automatically generate SQL code for SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases.
  • Perform out-of-core data analysis on terabyte-scale datasets.
  • Compile common Wolfram Language syntax into arbitrary type-safe SQL expressions.
  • Construct and manipulate queries symbolically.
  • Go hybrid: Perform large-scale data manipulation in SQL and finer analyses in the Wolfram Language.
  • Reason in terms of functional chaining instead of JOIN statements.

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