Plane Geometry

Mathematica 12: Plane Geometrya

Plane geometry is perhaps the oldest mathematical discipline, with roots in ancient Greek and Egyptian mathematics. Version 12 provides innovative automated capabilities to draw and reason about abstractly described scenes in the plane. Generate multiple instances of a scene and unearth classic theorems as well as discover all-new conjectures. New functions for angles, midpoints and other geometric relations can be used both to construct abstract scenes and compute concrete examples. The functionality can be easily used in a high-school course on Euclidean geometry, but can also be used for experimental mathematics at the graduate and professional levels.

Mathematica 12: Plane Geometry
  • Automatically draw scenes from abstract input. »
  • Create different realizations of a scene satisfying a general description. »
  • Specify properties of individual structures, like length, area and convexity.
  • Specify relations between structures, like tangency, parallelism and perpendicularity. »
  • Automatically find conjectures based on numerical data from drawn scenes. »
  • Compute a variety of planar angles, including oriented, interior polygon and exterior polygon angles. »
  • Compute triangle constructs, centers and measures. »
  • Construct angle bisectors and perpendicular bisectors. »
  • Compute the circle that goes through specified points.  » 

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