Algebraic Computation

Mathematica 12: Algebraic Computation

Version 12 of the Wolfram Language extends its already strong capabilities in algebraic computation with functionality for users ranging from pre-college students to researchers. Improvements span from new functions that manipulate equations step by step to more powerful equation and optimization solvers to equational theorem proving.

Mathematica 12: Algebraic Computation
  • Compute the boundary, connected components and other topological properties of solution sets for real polynomial systems. »
  • Express large systems naturally and succinctly using vector and matrix variables. »
  • Efficiently solve large systems of equations and inequalities with special structure. »
  • Solve previously intractable classes of equation and inequality systems. »
  • Formulate optimization problems in a more concise and natural way using vector and matrix variables. »
  • Solve new classes of exact optimization problems. »
  • Solve equations "step by step" using new functions to add, multiply and otherwise combine equations and inequalities. »
  • Produce automatic proofs of equational logic theorems. »
  • Prove theorems using a built-in collection of axiomatic theories. »
  • Present proofs in various formats, including graphs, datasets and notebooks. »

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