Astronomy & Space Science Entities

Mathematica 12: Astronomy & Space Science Entities

In Version 12, the breadth of coverage for curated data in astronomy and space science has grown significantly. These areas are now covered by many entity domains, such as observatories, satellites, space probes, planetary science, astrogeology, stellar science and galactic science. This large amount of data, combined with additional functionality to work with dates and locations, opens the door to knowledge‐based computing on astronomical scales.

Mathematica 12: Astronomy & Space Science Entities
  • Data for nearly 20 related domains, including planets, moons, asteroids, comets, stars and various deep sky objects, among others.
  • Coverage of over 250,000 objects.
  • Large breadth of data spread over 350 properties.
  • Static physical properties as well as time-dependent and observer-location-dependent properties.
  • Frequent updates of data, especially in active domains such as exoplanets and satellites.
  • Directly usable in a computational way.

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