New in Wolfram SystemModeler 12.1

Wolfram SystemModeler 12.1 ships with the Modelica Standard Library 3.2.3, offers extended GUI support for the Modelica language, and strict Modelica compliance checking. New customizable user modes simplify and adjust the interface in presentation and education scenarios. Besides HTML export of model documentation, SystemModeler 12.1 supports multiple y axes for plotting signals using different units and easy zooming of plot axes.

More new features in detail:

Wolfram SystemModeler 12.1: Support for Synchronous Systems

Support for Synchronous Systems

Easily define and synchronize sampled data systems with different sampling rates using the synchronous language elements. The new Synchronous library in SystemModeler 12.1 encapsulates these elements with an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Synchronous Library
Example: Controlled Mixing Unit
Example: Engine Throttle Control

Wolfram SystemModeler 12.1: Better Error Reporting

Better Error Reporting

Reduce your design time in SystemModler 12.1 by quickly finding and fixing errors in your model with the addition of hyperlinks and easy-to-read error and warning messages.

Video: Better Error Reporting (2:17)

Wolfram SystemModeler 12.1: Simplified Creation of Configurable Models

Simplified Creation of Configurable Models

Use the power of configurable models to test different designs using just one model. The user interface of System Modeler 12.1 has been updated to simplify the creation of configurable models.

Video: Quick Look at Creation of Configurable Models (1:54)

Wolfram SystemModeler 12.1: Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs

Make education come alive and be more engaging with Wolfram SystemModler 12.1. Virtual Labs are open educational resources (OER) designed to encourage student curiosity by allowing students to test ideas with immediate feedback in a programmatic environment.

Virtual Labs

CollegeBiology Library
The CollegeBiology library provides interactive examples and exercises related to college biology courses.
HighSchoolBiology Library
The HighSchoolBiology library provides interactive examples and exercises related to high-school biology courses.
HighSchoolChemistry Library
The HighSchoolChemistry library provides interactive examples and exercises related to high-school chemistry courses.
CollegeThermal Library
The CollegeThermal library provides interactive examples and exercises related to heat transfer and thermal engineering courses.
Wolfram SystemModeler 12.1: Quickly Analyze Simulations

Quickly Analyze Simulations

With the addition of the new Measurement Window, analysis of simulation results becomes much faster. Use the Measurement cursor to find the plotted values for any point in time or click and drag to select and compare plotted values between times.

Video: Quick Look at the New Measurement Window (1:53)

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SystemModeler 12.1 is a chargeable update.

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