External Connectivity

Connected Device Framework »

The Wolfram Device Framework provides streamlined support for interacting with external devices. By presenting a symbolic representation for each device and a standard set of Wolfram Language functions, the Device Framework allows easy programmatic access to a wide variety of electronic hardware. With state-of-the-art computational algorithms and Wolfram Cloud support, the Wolfram Language offers sophisticated tools to visualize, analyze, and store device data.

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Connected Device Framework in Mathematica 10

Curated API Framework »

Mathematica Version 10 provides a sophisticated framework for accessing a wide variety of external services and APIs. The framework manages authentication enabling connection to a user's account on a service. Once a connection is established, predefined requests such as posting messages, retrieving user data, and uploading data can be performed. Requests are also used to analyze and visualize data from services. Some examples include social network graphs, geographic plots of running routes, and time series analysis of fitness activities.

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Curated API Framework in Mathematica 10

URL Manipulation »

In Mathematica Version 10, the industrial-strength string manipulation capabilities of the Wolfram Language are extended to operate on URLs and URIs as well. Convert between encoded and decoded URL characters and query strings, shorten and expand a long URL, parse or build a new URL, or add new parameters to existing URLs to easily interface with the web and leverage different services and APIs.

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URL Manipulation in Mathematica 10