Enterprise CDF Deployment

Enterprise CDF deployment allows users – who have active Premier Service for Mathematica Enterprise Edition or Wolfram Finance Platform - to create Computable Document Format (CDF) files with enhanced capabilities, such as data import and export, use of arbitrary input fields, and file saving. Recipients can utilize Enterprise-created CDF files with the free Wolfram CDF Player.

Enterprise CDF files have the following features in addition to the features of normal CDF files:

  • Input fields with arbitrary user input
    Enterprise CDF documents can contain input fields that accept arbitrary user input. Users can enter anything from textual responses and comments to custom images to full symbolic expressions.
  • Access and plug in proprietary data
    Enterprise CDF files allow users to access and plug in proprietary data, such as Excel spreadsheets, imported images, database files, or even web-based data.
  • Save with user data and export file formats
    Enterprise CDF files can be saved with user data and exported to a variety of supported file formats.
  • Code encryption
    Enterprise Edition allows you to encrypt your code, so recipients cannot see your proprietary algorithms.

Overview of Enterprise CDF Deployment
Overview of Enterprise CDF Deployment

Enterprise CDF files can be created as long as Premier Service is active. Users who let their Premier Service subscription lapse will be able to continue distributing any existing Enterprise-created CDF files, but will not be able to create new files.

The Mathematica Enterprise Edition and the Wolfram Finance Platform provide ONE organization with the ability to distribute Enterprise-created CDF files internally, to members of their organization. The following options are available for additional fees:

  • External content distribution (not-for-profit)
  • Several companies that belong together or affiliated groups
  • Consulting projects
  • Product development and associated sales
  • Publishing projects

The Enterprise CDF Deployment is available for the following Wolfram products:

A detailed blog entry for “Using Mathematica Enterprise Edition to Create Professional Apps, Tools, and Reports” is available at the Wolfram Blog.