Machine Learning for Audio

Mathematica 12: Machine Learning for Audio

Version 12 audio processing and analysis provides high-level built-in functions for audio identification, speech recognition and more. An efficient and tight integration with the machine learning and neural net framework, as well as easy access to a growing number of state-of-the-art pre-trained models available through the Wolfram Neural Net Repository enables easy prototyping and development of algorithms. All of these capabilities form a rich, productive system to apply high-level and accurate machine learning solutions to a wide range of fields, such as speech and music.

Mathematica 12: Machine Learning for Audio
  • Built-in speech recognition. »
  • Built-in pitch recognition. »
  • Built-in audio identification. »
  • Advanced audio processing & analysis capabilities. »
  • Comprehensive audio support in machine learning functions. »
  • Integrated feature extraction and feature space plot. »
  • Immediately accessible trained and untrained neural nets. »
  • Efficient new audio net encoders. »
  • Support for recurrent networks. »
  • Support for GPU training and evaluation. »

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