Donations & Social Commitment

We act according to social, cultural, and ethical principles.

One motivation for ADDITIVE's social commitment is the feeling of responsibility for those, who cannot help themselves.

Therefore, the focus lies on projects supporting children, (chronically) ill and handicapped persons, to offer them new chances and make them able to cope with their life on their own. By long-term dedication we provide support and, additionally, include current events on a short-term basis.

At ADDITIVE, as with every natural person, there are good years and years that are not quite as good. However, also in less good years we must not forget, that we are well off compared to other nations. Our annual donation volume amounts to a total five-digit sum (in Euro).

ADDITIVE promotes various projects and employees, who support initiatives by their private commitment. Accordingly, for some years now, ADDITIVE has taken on sponsorships for children in Eastern Europe or sponsors a runner group, which starts at the charitable "Hochheimer 24-Hour-Race" to gather funds for handicapped persons. ADDITIVE supports the voluntary commitment of its employees to a social organization or club by means of the program 'ADDITIVE Employee Sponsorship'.

Instead of giving presents to our customers and business partners, we prefer donations for charitable purposes!