Algebra and Number Theory

Algebra and Number Theory in Mathematica 11

With the release of Version 11 Mathematica extends support in algebra and number theory with several small but useful functions. Enhancements include enumeration of new classes of natural integers, manipulation of number digits, representation of complex numbers, coordinate conversions, matrix operations, combinatorial optimization, and parametrized enumeration of points, vectors, and paths.

Key Features

  • Enumeration of all currently known Mersenne primes, Mersenne prime exponents, and perfect numbers. »
  • New functionality for number decompositions and mixed radix computations. »
  • Dedicated support for coordinate conversions to and from polar or spherical coordinates. »
  • Specify points on a circle, vectors by angles, and "turtle" paths by angles and step sizes. »
  • Support for permanent and Smith decomposition. »
  • Dedicated knapsack combinatorial optimization function. »

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