ADDITIVE Cloud Services: Quality Cloud

ADDITIVE Quality Cloud

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When designed as Quality Cloud, ADDITIVE Cloud Services offer special features to monitor, evaluate and report automatically quality characteristics across multiple processes. For this, standardized statistical evaluations, including visualization and administration of the results, are handled in a centralized manner via a database.


Overview of ADDITIVE Quality Cloud


  • Central process management with decentralized process data capturing
  • Error minimization during data capturing and creating of reports – comparable results, uniform calculation rules
  • Improved cooperation due to information exchange between multiple locations
  • Quality improvement by fast access to relevant data and information
  • Capturing/reporting of events relevant to the process
  • Cause-and-effects analysis across several processes
  • Statistics functions, control charts, histograms...
  • Optional: creation of test plans, integrated sample management, Six Sigma methodology

AQUA – ADDITIVE Quality Server

AQUA represents the design of the Quality Cloud in form of a web-based statistical knowledge management for quality assurance.