External Services

External Services in Mathematica 11

Mathematica Version 11 extends and improves the set of external services. Connect to social media, storage, health & fitness, business, research, and other external services and APIs. Authentication and data exchanges are managed by the Wolfram Language, providing a seamless experience and integrating natural language and knowledge base capabilities.

Key Features

  • Post and extract data from major social media services. »
  • Send SMS and MMS and push messages, images, and files to other devices. »
  • Retrieve and analyze website traffic data from Google Analytics. »
  • Retrieve and analyze online survey responses from Survey Monkey. »
  • Get information about email campaigns and subscription lists from MailChimp. »
  • Get calendar and contacts data from a Google account. »
  • Retrieve personal fitness data from Fitbit and RunKeeper. »
  • Search for books, publications, and electronic preprints of scientific papers and content from professional publishers. »
  • Access Wikipedia data. »
  • Get web search results from Google and Bing. »
  • Search for businesses, points of interest, concerts, and other events. »
  • Translate text using Microsoft Translator and Google Translate. »
  • Retrieve data about chemical molecules, structures, and pharmacological compounds. »
  • Search and retrieve economic time series. »

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