User Interface Enhancements

User Interface Enhancements in Mathematica 11

The notebook environment, a concept invented and developed by Wolfram Research, continues to see improvements to its leading interface in Mathematica Version 11. Real-time spellchecking is augmented with dictionaries for technical terms and proper names, as well as support for some 25 languages. The coding environment is more modern with a lighter font, more functional with drill-down from error messages, and more helpful with contextual autocompletions everywhere.

Key Features

  • Modern lighter font for interactive computation and coding environment.
  • Messages now give an immediate option to locate the code that issued the message.
  • Quickly create distinctly styled initialization cells using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Extended contextual autocompletions, including for option values, entity properties, etc.
  • Text is spellchecked in real time, as you type. »
  • Spelling dictionaries are augmented with proper names and terminology, etc.
  • Multilingual spelling dictionaries cover some 25 languages. »
  • Multilingual code captions provide immediate translations for a dozen different languages. »
  • Scrape structured content from notebooks. »
  • Clipping planes that can be applied to individual objects. »
  • Lighting and antialiasing support for 3D images. »

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