Physics & Chemistry Entities

Mathematica 12: Physics & Chemistry Entities

The Wolfram Knowledgebase contains many entity types related to physics and chemistry. In Version 12, coverage ranges from elementary particles to macroscopic physical systems, as well as formulas and physical constants, among others. Tight integration of built-in physical and chemical data with the Wolfram Language unit system and computational power facilitates modeling natural phenomena using an efficient workflow for cross-disciplinary science.

Mathematica 12: Physics & Chemistry Entities
  • Physical domains include particles, isotopes, minerals, among others.
  • Chemical entity types include elements, chemicals and proteins.
  • Abstract data and formulas related to physical systems and constants.
  • Observational physics data covering lasers and instrumentation.
  • Over 300,000 chemical and physical entities.
  • Directly usable in a computational way.

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