Knowledgebase Expansion

Knowledgebase Expansion in Mathematica 11

Mathematica Version 11 includes a number of improvements to the already extensive Wolfram Knowledgebase. Additions include several new entity types such as anatomy and food, as well as richer ways of filtering and aggregating entities. Better data alignment across different entity types enables cross-domain queries, and optimized results allow immediate further computation.

Key Features

  • Detailed data on human anatomy, including 3D models of structures. »
  • New data for fetal and human growth as well as mortality. »
  • Extensive technical data on nutritional and other properties of thousands of foods.
  • New model functions for Earth's gravitational and magnetic fields. »
  • New function for models of the evolution of the universe. »
  • Extensive physical properties for standard ocean and stopping power of materials.
  • New data domains related to language, including alphabets and writing scripts.
  • Expanded data for most built-in domains, including popular media, people, and geographic features.
  • Significantly better data alignment makes it easy to combine different knowledge domains.
  • More entity values are now returned in forms that make them easy to use for subsequent computation.

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