AQUA - ADDITIVE Quality Server

Your Solution for Web-Based, Statistical Quality Management


  • Monitor, evaluate and automatically report quality characteristics across various processes
  • Centralize standardized statistical evaluations, including visualization and administration of results


  • Implementation and system integration performed by IT
  • Web technologies (Java script, Java, PHP...)
  • Minitab used as online evaluation system; other software (Mathematica, Origin...) possible
  • Design of user interface is separate from content and data
  • Data capturing can be completely automated


  • Centralized process management with decentralized process data capturing
  • Error minimization during data capturing and creating of reports
  • Comparable results, uniform calculation rules
  • Improved cooperation due to information exchange between multiple locations
  • Quality improvement by fast access to relevant data and information
  • Capturing of events relevant to the process and, if necessary, reporting
  • Cause-and-effects analysis across several processes
  • Powerful statistical functions, control charts, histograms...
  • Optional: creation of test plans
  • Optional: integrated sample management
  • Optional: integrated Six Sigma methodology

ADDITIVE Quality Server - AQUA