New in Mathematica 11.3

Mathematica 11.3 is a chargeable upgrade.

Mathematica 11.3

Version 11.3 expands Mathematica and the Wolfram Language's functionality in mathematical computation, audio and image processing, machine learning and neural networks, system modeling and adds features to the field of automated web search (keyword blockchain), besides introducing over 500 other new functions.

  • Expanded asymptotics functionality, including relational operators and approximate solutions to integrals and differential equations
  • Apply algebraic operations to both sides of equations and inequalities with ApplySides, and find proofs for equational logic theorems from axioms with FindEquationalProof
  • Create smooth intensities of locations on a map with GeoSmoothHistogram
  • FeatureSpacePlot3D for plotting dimension-reduced feature spaces in 3D
  • CurrentImage support for simultaneous multi-device capture and Linux image capture
  • FacialFeatures extracts facial characteristics such as age, emotion and landmarks, and FindFaces can filter based on these features
  • Efficient audio net encoding and feature extraction for in-core and out-of-core audio objects
  • SpeechSynthesize supports native OS synthesis, and AudioDistance can be used to compute distance measures for audio signals
  • FindTextualAnswer for finding the part of a text that answers a question, improved automation for Classify and Predict and new methods for DimensionReduction
  • Additional pre-trained models, faster RNN training, efficient sequence generation, training session summaries, array sharing, 3D and variable-length convolutions and surgery on networks have been added to the neural network framework
  • Browse, import or generate simulation-ready system models for data extraction, analysis and visualization
  • Blockchain framework for accessing current information about blockchains (e.g. Ethereum or Bitcoin) and storing/retrieving data using a Wolfram blockchain
  • New systems-level functionality for remote process execution, user authentication, process management and network packet capture
  • Directly process mail in live mailboxes by searching, flagging, moving, deleting, etc.
  • SendMail supports HTML emails and automatically embeds objects such as DatasetTimeSeries and more
  • Improved support for system modeling, raster image, audio, tabular, spreadsheet, systems and network formats
  • Prefetch entities and register custom entities and entity types for immediate computation using the EntityStore system
  • Wolfram Presenter Tools environment for creating live, interactive technical presentations
  • Exchange text, code and other content in real time using the notebook-based Wolfram Chat interface

 See the complete list of what's new in the Wolfram Language with Mathematica 11.3 on the Wolfram Research website.