What's New in Mathematica 10.1

Mathematica 10.1 is a fee-based Update for every Mathematica licence which held no active premier service before 15th February

Mathematica Version 10.1 adds many enhancements to performance, coverage, and convenience - as well as several major new algorithmic achievements such as image identification and user-defined grammar rule deployment.

  • Support for the Wolfram Data Drop universal data accumulator
  • Automatic object identification: ImageIdentify
  • Built-in automatic dimensionality reduction for data
  • New information visualization: WordCloudTimelinePlot, and themes for gauges
  • Programmable Linguistic Interface for user-defined grammars and actions
  • New constructs for building complex forms and interpreters with CompoundElement and RepeatingElement
  • Support for many operations on irregularly spaced time series
  • New list operations for handling sequences, taking largest elements, etc.
  • Language-level support for OpenSSL-backed cryptography
  • Built-in access to Wikipedia content
  • 31 new string manipulation functions, including word and sentence splitting
  • Direct support for byte arrays, raw image formats, etc.
  • Streamlined support for Arduino connectivity
  • Performance, documentation, and interoperability improvements to Dataset

Please note that Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) is no longer officially supported (Windows XP has not been supported since Mathematica 10.0).

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