Units, Dates and Uncertainty

Mathematica 12: Units, Dates and Uncertainty

Version 12 continues expanding the support for real-world measurements in the system, something fundamental in science, engineering and many other areas of knowledge. New additions include better coverage of quantity variables and physical constants, extended ways of referring to calendar units of time and new functions to describe uncertainty in values and its propagation through computations. As the Wolfram Language expands into new domains of knowledge, seamless integration of these basic elements becomes essential, and combined with the power of the rest of the system, makes the Wolfram Language a very powerful tool to describe, measure and analyze the world around you.

Mathematica 12: Units, Dates and Uncertainty
  • Addition of physical constants to the Wolfram Knowledgebase. »
  • New SI units through physical constants.
  • Nondimensionalization of formulas. »
  • Quantity variable improvements. »
  • Dedicated functions for spectral lines and Planck radiation. »
  • Data functions on psychrometric and thermodynamic properties. »
  • New or updated data on tides and the magnetic field of the Earth. »
  • New function Around to describe uncertainty in measured values. »

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