Mathematische Strukturen – Mathematica 10: Dimensional Variables

Dimensional Variables

Dimensional Variables in Mathematica 10

The Wolfram Language provides immediate access to curated formulas in hundreds of fields. With comprehensive support for dimensional analysis, thermodynamic calculations, and on-demand currency conversions, and the ability to search for existing formulas by physical quantities, the Wolfram Language makes quantity computations easier and more flexible than ever before.

  • Easy access to hundreds of formulas, from mathematics and physics to sports and economics. »
  • Support for dimensional analysis and searching for existing formulas by physical quantities. »
  • Extensive support for calculating thermodynamic properties for a wide variety of chemicals. »
  • Conversion rates for world currencies and inflation-adjusted purchasing power. »

Explore Fundamental Physics Formulas »

Explore Frequencies of Physical Quantities in Formulas »

Use Dimensional Analysis to Determine the Explosive Force of a Bomb »

Discover, Manipulate, and Compare Formulas »

Find the Effect of Inflation on Grocery Prices »

Convert Currencies Using Historical Exchange Rates »

Construct Mollier Diagrams »

Analyze the Stirling Cycle with Real-World Materials »

Compare Spectral Radiance Approximations to Planck's Radiation Law »

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