Code Compilation

Mathematica 12: Code Compilation

The Wolfram Compiler is a long-term development project to enhance the Wolfram Language. An initial version is included in Version 12. The Wolfram Compiler translates an increasing portion of the Wolfram Language into optimized native machine code. This can be directly executed, converted into objects files of various formats or stored in dynamic libraries for subsequent use. Built on top of the latest modern compiler knowledge, it facilitates Wolfram Language access to a wide range of modern computer technologies.

Mathematica 12: Code Compilation
  • Compile Wolfram Language code into an optimized function. »
  • Execute optimized native machine code created directly or by loading a library. »
  • Create a shared library from Wolfram Language code. »
  • Create machine-specific assembly code from Wolfram Language code. »
  • Specify the type of function arguments suitable for compiler inferencing. »
  • Apply a type constructor to other types to create a compound type. »
  • Specify a function to be evaluated in the Wolfram Engine kernel when called inside compiled code. »

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