Biology & Medical Entities

Mathematica 12: Biology & Medical Entities

Version 12 has a rich collection of computable knowledge in biology and medicine. The data collections cover diverse areas, ranging from human and animal anatomy to species taxonomy to genes, mutations and diseases. Using the built-in Wolfram Language functions, key characteristics of biological systems, including the structural and functional organizations of living organisms, can be analyzed and visualized.

Mathematica 12: Biology & Medical Entities
  • Find basic facts on over 90,000 human anatomical parts, including major organs, bones, muscles and blood vessels. »
  • Visualize anatomical structures in 3D and add custom stylings. »
  • Find information on the structure and function of the human nervous system.
  • Explore and compare animal anatomical parts.
  • Compute patient statistics and diagnostic codes correlated with a particular medical condition.
  • Explore the taxonomic network and body characteristics of an animal. »
  • Find growth information and geographical distribution of a plant. »
  • Explore the wide variety of domesticated dogs and cats.
  • Compute genomic information, including DNA sequences and gene characteristics. »
  • Analyze allele frequencies or find common mutations associated with a particular gene.

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