What's New in SystemModeler 4

SystemModeler 4 vastly expands support for modeling libraries, adds standardized deployment of models to other simulation tools, and deepens integration with Mathematica. Version 4 is now available for Linux.

Model Libraries

Introducing the SystemModeler library store

All model libraries are verified for SystemModeler and are automatically installed, for both free and paid libraries. Continuously updated with additional libraries. 
Library Store  »

New add-on libraries

The Library Store contains modeling libraries in new and important areas, including hydraulic, cooling, social, and biochemical systems. 
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Updated & New Built-in Libraries

SystemModeler comes with the updated Modelica Standard Library, including support for digital circuits, fast models for electrical and magnetic circuits, and heat tracking in mechanical systems.
Modelica Standard Library »

Connectivity & Deployment

FMI - Standardized Model Export

Deploy models with the standardized Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) for immediate use in a large number of tools.

Interactive simulation control

Connect to a running real-time simulation from Mathematica; add controllers such as sliders and gamepads; and see real-time plots, gauges, and other animations.

 Improved Simulation Workflow (1:09)

User Interface & Documentation

New Documentation center

The new Documentation Center makes it easy to browse and search all product and library documentation. Extensive cross-linking makes it easy to go from components to examples and more. Text and video tutorials, including the Modelica by Example book, make it easy to learn, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. 
Documentation Center »

Improved Model Center

The new presentation mode makes Model Center a stronger showcasing environment with full drill-down and live edit capability. Several improvements to workflows, including incremental search of model classes, tabbed model parametrizations, and direct simulation, make modeling more efficient.

 Improved Modeling Workflow (1:32)

 Presentation Mode (1:06)

Improved Simulation Center

Simulation Center has improved performance and workflows, including faster model compilation and concurrent simulation support. Selecting objects in 3D animations now shows variables and parameters, and you can copy simulation results directly with one click on a Mathematica icon.

 Improved Simulation Center (0:43)

Linux Support

SystemModeler is now available for all major platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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SystemModeler is now available in 64-bit versions for Mac and Linux.

Integration with Mathematica

Programmatically Create Models

Automatically create models from equations or control system models. Create structured models by connecting existing components. Or combine both approaches and create components from equations and interfaces and connect them in hierarchies.
Cam Design »

Model Diagrams

SystemModeler objects now use model diagrams as their visual representation. Diagrams either show the structure of connected models or an icon. Diagrams can be used together with other graphics, and they can be animated to show system behavior.
Tank example »

Streamlined Workflow

Use model diagrams to represent your models throughout Mathematica. Automatically use experiment settings for simulations. Other improvements include automatic plot legends, user assistance integration, and more.