New in Wolfram SystemModeler 13

Wolfram SystemModeler 13 supports modeling of thermo-fluid systems and allows system modeling in the cloud. Tracking controller design has also been improved with version 13.

List of new Features

  • Modeling of thermo-fluid systems using the Modelica Fluid library
  • Refined solution of equation systems with variable structure
  • Continue working while building and validating models in the background
  • Visual and clear indication of missing components, broken connections and broken inheritance
  • Include custom unit conversions in libraries for easy use by library users
  • Reflect line style in plot legends
  • Improved editing of plot markers
  • Validation of model plots, with a clear indication of issues like missing variables


Complete Support for Thermo-Fluid Systems

Model your 1D thermo-fluid systems using the Fluid library. The library provides components that support both incompressible and compressible fluid flows. You can use gas mixtures as well as fluids that can undergo phase changes.

Example: Controll Indoor Air Quality for Room Comfort
Example: Optimize Startup of Drum Boiler

Streamlined Design of Tracking Controllers

Design tracking controllers for system models using a unified and streamlined approach. The controllers can be designed using all the control design functions, like LQR, pole placement, PID and many more.

Example: Depth Control of a Submarine

System Modeling in the Cloud

Use the system modeling functionality in the cloud and analyze your system models on the desktop or on a smartphone or tablet. Share your analysis with students, colleagues or customers.

Example: Understand Herd Immunity
Example: Design Radiator for a Room