Differential Eigensystems

Differential Eigensystems in Mathematica 11

Mathematica Version 11 extends its symbolic and numerical differential equation-solving capabilities to include finding eigenvalues and eigenfunctions over regions. Given a possibly coupled partial differential equation (PDE), a region specification, and, optionally, boundary conditions, the eigensolvers find corresponding eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the PDE operator over the given domain. This functionality will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of your physics and engineering designs.

Key Features

  • Find symbolic eigenvalues and eigenfunctions over regions. »
  • Find numeric eigenvalues and eigenfunctions over regions. »
  • Find eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of PDEs with arbitrary-order time derivative.
  • Specify and solve eigenvalue problems in one, two, and three dimensions.
  • Specify and solve constrained or unconstrained eigenvalue problems. »
  • Freely formulate coupled PDEs for multi-physics eigenvalue analysis. »
  • Specify domains using the full geometric region framework. »
  • Use automatically generated meshes with curved boundaries for numeric eigenvalue computations. »

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