What’s New in Mathematica 10.2

  • Added operations for lists and associations, including automatic removal of elements using Nothing
  • New and updated methods for both supervised and unsupervised machine learning
  • Extensive geometric computing enhancements for basic and mesh regions
  • Image processing techniques for computational photography including tone mapping, exposure combination, and more
  • New volume and discrete data visualization functionality: SliceDensityPlot3D and ListStepPlot
  • New capabilities for text search and analysis
  • An international Alphabet, plus a full range of technical and other character sets and encodings
  • Expanded cloud usage and deployment options for permissions control, scheduled tasks, data logging, and local objects
  • Automatic mail processing with MailReceiverFunction and MailResponseFunction
  • Support for more geometry and data file formats, with dramatically improved STL import/export and streamlined JSON
  • Numerical solving of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions for ODEs and PDEs
  • Time series and statistics updates, including support for intensity measures in Histogram
  • Translated code captions to help non-English speakers understand Wolfram Language code

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