New in Wolfram SystemModeler 13.2

Wolfram SystemModeler 13.2 improves mainly the work with Modelica as well as the handling of models.

List of new or improved features

  • Improved Modelica language support in all areas, particularly in lookups, inner/outer and expandable connectors
  • Better detection of invalid Modelica models
  • Explore models and scenarios using interactive control panels
  • Flattened view of simulation models in Model Center
  • Context-aware navigation and help in Modelica Text View


Wolfram SystemModeler 13.2: Interactively Explore Simulation Results

Interactively Explore Simulation Results

Explore model behavior interactively using sliders, popup menus and checkboxes.

Video: Interactively Explore Simulation Results
Video: Create Interactive Control Panels

Wolfram SystemModeler 13.2: Helpful & Precise Model Validation

Helpful & Precise Model Validation

New level of error detection and error localization. Precisely detect errors using improved error messages and warnings that link directly to the relevant line of code.

Video: Precise Model Validation

Wolfram SystemModeler 13.2: Quantify System Performance

Quantify System Performance

Automatically measure performance and quality of a system with properties such as rise time, settling time, overshoot and more.

Example: Vertical Motion of a Drone
Example: Model Predictive Control of a DC Motor

Wolfram SystemModeler 13.2: Improved SystemModelManipulate

Improved SystemModelManipulate

Use SystemModelManipulate to automatically create dashboards or customize them to suit your needs.

Example: Rise & Fall of People Express Airlines

Wolfram SystemModeler 13.2: College Mechanical Engineering Library

College Mechanical Engineering Library

Learn and teach mechanics courses. Simulate things such as a stunt jump, camera stabilization system and washing machine to understand concepts such as coordinate transformation, kinematics and dynamics.

Library: College Mechanical Engineering

Wolfram SystemModeler 13.2: Improved Modeling Navigation

Improved Modeling Navigation

Navigate through models with several new convenience features. Go directly to the component declaration, jump to the relevant class documentation or find a component in the class browser from the code editor.

Video: Improved Modeling Navigation

See the complete list of what's new in SystemModeler 13.2 on the Wolfram Research website

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