Neu in SystemModeler 13 – New in SystemModeler 13.2

New in Wolfram SystemModeler 13.2

Wolfram SystemModeler 13.2 improves mainly the work with Modelica as well as the handling of models.

List of new or improved features

  • Improved Modelica language support in all areas, particularly in lookups, inner/outer and expandable connectors
  • Better detection of invalid Modelica models
  • Explore models and scenarios using interactive control panels
  • Flattened view of simulation models in Model Center
  • Context-aware navigation and help in Modelica Text View


Wolfram SystemModeler 13.2: Interactively Explore Simulation Results

Interactively Explore Simulation Results

Explore model behavior interactively using sliders, popup menus and checkboxes.

Video: Interactively Explore Simulation Results
Video: Create Interactive Control Panels

Wolfram SystemModeler 13.2: Helpful & Precise Model Validation

Helpful & Precise Model Validation

New level of error detection and error localization. Precisely detect errors using improved error messages and warnings that link directly to the relevant line of code.

Video: Precise Model Validation

Wolfram SystemModeler 13.2: Quantify System Performance

Quantify System Performance

Automatically measure performance and quality of a system with properties such as rise time, settling time, overshoot and more.

Example: Vertical Motion of a Drone
Example: Model Predictive Control of a DC Motor

Wolfram SystemModeler 13.2: Improved SystemModelManipulate

Improved SystemModelManipulate

Use SystemModelManipulate to automatically create dashboards or customize them to suit your needs.

Example: Rise & Fall of People Express Airlines

Wolfram SystemModeler 13.2: College Mechanical Engineering Library

College Mechanical Engineering Library

Learn and teach mechanics courses. Simulate things such as a stunt jump, camera stabilization system and washing machine to understand concepts such as coordinate transformation, kinematics and dynamics.

Library: College Mechanical Engineering

Wolfram SystemModeler 13.2: Improved Modeling Navigation

Improved Modeling Navigation

Navigate through models with several new convenience features. Go directly to the component declaration, jump to the relevant class documentation or find a component in the class browser from the code editor.

Video: Improved Modeling Navigation

See the complete list of what's new in SystemModeler 13.2 on the Wolfram Research website

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