New in Wolfram SystemModeler 12.3

Wolfram SystemModeler 12.3 offers streamlined creation of controlled systems, saves especially large models in smaller files and offers fully customizable model plots.

List of new or improved features

  • Add plot markers and labels to model plots
  • Easily add links and variable references to plot captions
  • Drag and drop subplots to reorder them
  • Drastically reduced result file sizes and improved simulation speed
  • Parallel compilation resulting in faster building of models
  • Easily enter parameter or variable values in any compatible unit
  • Improved editing capabilities for model documentation
  • Improved automatic model documentation
  • View and edit revision information for models


Wolfram SystemModeler 12.3: Streamlined Creation of Controlled Systems

Streamlined Creation of Controlled Systems

Design a controller for your model using the extensive control system functionality. Create a controlled system by automatically connecting the controller to your model in a closed loop.

Example: Hovering Control of a Submarine
Example: Speed Control of a DC Motor

Wolfram SystemModeler 12.3: Smaller Files, Faster Compilation

Smaller Files, Faster Compilation

Create large-scale models with drastically reduced result file sizes and improved simulation speed. Build your models faster with parallel compilation.

Image: Reduction in Result File Sizes

Wolfram SystemModeler 12.3: Fully Customizable Model Plots

Fully Customizable Model Plots

Customize everything in your model plots and share your findings with customers and colleagues. Store information using plot markers, plot labels, captions and more.

Video: Fully Customizable Model Plots
Example: Perform Interactive Model Analytics

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