Cloud & Web Interfaces

Cloud & Web Interfaces in Mathematica 11

Mathematica Version 11 expands the functionality to generate rich, dynamic, cloud-backed websites. More flexible form-based input and gallery-based output make it easy to generate compelling web interfaces. Automatic form-based user interactions, automatic mail processing, and automatic report generation provide the tools for a whole new level of efficiency in the development and operation of dynamic websites.

Key Features

  • Create dynamic form interfaces and applications. »
  • Instantly generate a gallery from a set of images. »
  • Detailed control over HTTP requests and responses. »
  • Symbolically specify URL dispatching to different functions. »
  • Manage cached versions of cloud resources for more efficient deployments. »
  • Specify forms that ask questions when needed only (wizards, questionnaires, etc.). »
  • Programmatically process received email. »
  • Automatically create, notify, and deliver template-based reports. »
  • Schedule and manage automated background tasks over any timescale. »

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