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Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC) takes the unique benefits of the Wolfram technology stack and makes them available in a centralized, private, secure enterprise solution.

Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud uniquely enables organizations to realize an enterprise computation strategy-for their corporate analysis strategy, analysis of big data and datamining, business intelligence, Industry 4.0, cloud-computing and smart application development.

Each Enterprise Private Cloud purchase includes the following product interfaces:

Elements of the Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud

Elements of Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud

The main elements of the Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud are

  • Compute Engine
  • Web Interface
  • API Interface
  • Setup/Installation notebook (we recommend our service contract for any support)
  • Updater
  • License Tool
  • Authentication system
  • Master Node
  • Compute Node (Coming Soon)


EPC is packaged as a customized virtual machine, it can provide computation services around your organization within a very short time. You just need an own hardware infrastructure in your preffered environment to ruh it. Available are specialized servicecontract up to 24/7-Support and installationsservices.


As an Enterprise Solution an investment is needed in size of a mid sized car. EPC is not an "out-of-the-box" software, it needs very specialized IT-infrastructure knowledge and database-knowldege. Please contact our technical application engineers for additional informations by calling +49 (0) 6172-5905-30 or send an E-Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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