What's New in SystemModeler 5

SystemModeler 5 takes advantage of the rebuild and modernized core computation kernel of the previous releases and adds a whole variety of new capabilites relying on the strong underlying framework.

Version history
Wolfram SystemModeler 5: FMI-Im- und Export 2.0 Wolfram SystemModeler 5: Modelica-Bibliothek 3.2.2 inklusive Media-Bibliothek

Integration: Interoperate Using FMI 2.0

Import and export models with the latest version of the standardized Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI 2.0) for interconnection with a large number of tools.

Updated Library: Latest Modelica Library Including Media

Accurately model liquids, gases and noisy systems with the latest version of the Modelica Standard Library (Version 3.2.2), including the Media and Noise libraries.

Wolfram SystemModeler 5: Hunderte einsatzbereiter Modelle Wolfram SystemModeler 5: Aussagekräftige und moderne Modelldiagramme

Code Reuse: Hundreds of Ready-Made Models

Interactively browse hundreds of complete model examples, programmatically manage models, import intermediate results and more, directly within the Wolfram Language.

Grafical Design: Clear and Modern Model Diagrams

Updated graphic design of all model icons for improved clarity, readability and presentability.

Wolfram SystemModeler 5: Konfigurierbare Modelle Wolfram SystemModeler 5: Umgang mit Paketdateien

Switching between Model Layers: Configurable Models

Create configurable models, making it easy for end users to switch between different levels of complexity or design, such as changing type of tires, brakes or engines .

Handling of Package Files: Scale Up Your Modeling Projects

Keep your workspace clean with package file handling, drag-and-drop reordering and smarter rebuilding of models.

Wolfram SystemModeler 5: Programmatisches Optimieren des Systemdesigns Wolfram SystemModeler 5: Multidomain-Modellierung

Model Optimizations: Programmatically Optimize Systems Design

Easily set up your models as functions to be called with new parameter values. The new functions can be used to perform model optimization, calibration and verification.

Multidomain Modeling: Quick Start with New Standard Model Examples

Get started with modeling within your particular domain with the help of new built-in model examples. Easier setup and new viewing modes.

Wolfram SystemModeler 5: Verbesserte Performance & schnellere Simulationszeiten Wolfram SystemModeler 5: Release Blog

Better Performance

Data-heavy simulations, including Media library models, have received a significant speedup, by a factor of 2 to 8. See the comparison graph below.

Blog: SystemModeler 5.0 Release Blog

Wolfram Research's goal with SystemModeler is to provide a state-of-the-art environment for modeling, simulation - and analytics - that leverages the Wolfram technology stack and builds on the Modelica standard …