Core Calculus

Mathematica 12: Core Calculus

Calculus may seem by now a completely mature topic, but nothing could be further from the truth. Calculus is growing in the number of people that study it across the world, it is being absorbed at an ever younger age, and it is being used because of the power of models across an ever-expanding range of disciplines. The calculus functionality in the Wolfram Language, already the the strongest in the world, improves dramatically in Version 12. New calculus topics are automated, existing functions are strengthened and the whole subsystem is re-engineered for learnability and applicability.

Mathematica 12: Core Calculus
  • State-of-the-art algorithms for function limits. »
  • Support for undirected and multivariate limits. »
  • New functions for sequence limits. »
  • New functions and algorithms for upper and lower limits. »
  • Support for computing nth-order derivatives. »
  • Support for constants of integration and summation.
  • New functions for Hankel and Radon transforms. »
  • Enhancements for indefinite integrals and special sums.
  • Improved DSolve support for ODEs. »
  • Improved support for periodic integral transforms. »
  • Improved support for periodic summation transforms. »
  • New utilities for Weierstrassian elliptic functions. »
  • Updated reference pages for college calculus functions. »
  • More than 4000 new examples for mathematical functions. »

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