Core Geometry

Core Geometry in Mathematica 11

Mathematica Version 11 adds numerous extensions and improvements to the already strong capabilities in geometric computing. It is now possible to construct regions from arrays and images or to immediately access them from curated collections. A full integration into the Wolfram Language makes it easy to analyze, solve over, visualize, and 3D print regions. Performance improvements are available across the board.

Key Features

  • New special regions including AnnulusSphericalShell, AffineSpace, and more. »
  • Fast, simple bounding regions for points and meshes. »
  • New mesh region constructors from arrays, images, or meshes. »
  • Ready-made geometric regions from curated collections. »
  • Built-in plot themes to easily tailor plots for mesh-based regions. »
  • Comprehensive support of fixed-frame or moving-frame rotations in 3D. »
  • Directly print 3D solid regions. »
  • New and improved region properties, including moment of inertia for regions. »
  • State-of-the-art detection of defects in meshes and automatic repair. »
  • Automatic simplification of derived regions. »
  • Support for DAE file format and improved import of STLOBJ, PLY, and DXF»
  • Comprehensive built-in plotting over regions. »
  • Enhanced support for solving partial differential equations over regions. »

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