Cloud Storage & Operations

Cloud Storage & Operations in Mathematica 11

Mathematica Version 11 provides expanded capabilities for storing, manipulating, and sharing data in the cloud. The Wolfram Data Drop gives multiple ways of incrementally storing data values. The Wolfram Data Repository provides storage for datasets. Cloud expressions allow storage and direct manipulation of any expression in the cloud. Permissions keys give fine-grained control over shared access to all cloud resources.

Key Features

  • Use the Wolfram Data Drop to incrementally collect data using several different methods. »
  • Easily manipulate databins from Data Drop using time series and more.
  • Share datasets of all types using the Wolfram Data Repository. »
  • Store and manipulate expressions directly in the cloud. »
  • Persistently store data between sessions, either locally or in the cloud. »
  • Cache cloud and other objects locally. »
  • Control shared access to cloud objects using permissions keys. »

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