New Visualization Domains

New Visualization Domains in Mathematica 11

From anatomy to audio to automata, Mathematica Version 11 adds specialized visualization functions for a wide range of topics. Date and time visualization has been expanded to include timelines for showing what happened when and histograms for seeing the frequency of events. The distribution of geographic locations can also be visualized as histograms, and there are interactive maps that can be panned and zoomed. New functions for language and text visualization make it easy to visualize themes using word clouds and to see the grammatical structure of sentences.

Key Features

  • Create timelines of dates and time periods with flexible layouts and rich labels. »
  • Visualize time series as step plots. »
  • Create histograms from dates and times, with bins corresponding to arbitrary lengths of time. »
  • Treat the dates in histograms as cyclical, making it easier to see patterns over smaller time scales. »
  • Summarize geographic data by binning the locations into larger regions, colored by density. »
  • Interactively pan and zoom maps. »
  • Plot data using steps. »
  • Display the waveforms of audio objects in a variety of layouts. »
  • Visualize hierarchical clusters of dates based on the relative similarity of elements. »
  • Create word clouds from text, with more common words shown larger. »
  • Arrange the word cloud into an arbitrary shape.
  • Construct sentence diagrams showing the grammatical structure of sentences. »
  • Represent rules for cellular automata and Turing machines in iconic forms. »
  • Plot the evolution of computational systems over time.
  • Show bones, muscles, and organs in the human body. »
  • Highlight anatomical structures using arbitrary styles. »
  • Clip portions of the body away to show interior structures and organs. »

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