Mathematica 12: Cryptography

Information security and protection are becoming increasingly vital in the modern world of computer systems, making cryptography an indispensable tool. Version 12 of the Wolfram Language continues to grow its coverage of methods for both symmetric (shared secret key) and asymmetric (public/private key pair) cryptography to ensure confidentiality, data integrity and authenticity of encrypted and/or digitally signed data of various formats, as well as arbitrary Wolfram Language expressions.

Mathematica 12: Cryptography
  • Significantly improved coverage of hashing algorithms. »
  • Generate asymmetric key pairs using elliptic curve cryptography. »
  • Encrypt and decrypt all supported file formats. »
  • Generate cryptocurrency-compatible digital signatures. »
  • Encode private and public keys in blockchain-specific formats. »
  • Easily authenticate through interactive dialogs. »

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