Polygons & Polyhedra

Mathematica 12: Polygons & Polyhedra

Version 12 further extends the Wolfram Language's geometric capabilities with the addition of general polygons with holes and polyhedra primitives. New functions allow users to construct, classify, decompose and compute properties and operations on polygons and polyhedra. A unified representation and a full integration into the rest of the Wolfram Language add a new level of flexibility and ease of use.

Mathematica 12: Polygons & Polyhedra
  • Full support of polygons with holes. »
  • Full support of polyhedra with voids and tunnels. »
  • Unified representation of polygons and polyhedra.
  • Extensive collection of polyhedra, including Platonic solids and uniform polyhedra. »
  • Built-in polygon constructors from ray crossing count and winding count. »
  • Direct support for several random polygon and polyhedron models. »
  • Automatic decomposition into different classes of polygons and polyhedra. »
  • Efficient identification of polygon and polyhedron classes. »
  • Full support in the geometric region framework, including computing properties (area, nearest point, etc.). »
  • Polygons and polyhedra can be used as inputs to solvers (integration, optimization, solving PDEs, etc.). »
  • Automatic support for polygons and polyhedra in mesh region framework. »
  • Extensive capabilities for visualizing polygons and polyhedra.
  • Full integration of polygons and polyhedra into the Wolfram Language.

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