Networking and System Operations

Mathematica 12: Networking and System Operations

Even when working in a high-level language, it is sometimes necessary to interact with low-level system operations. Version 12 makes controlling the system a breeze with dedicated functions to query system properties such as available memory, running processes and network interfaces. Interprocess communication and network debugging are improved with extended socket and packet capture functionality. Even the handling of bytes and characters has been updated, with full Unicode support. Taken together, interacting with the operating system and other programs is smoother than ever.

Mathematica 12: Networking and System Operations
  • Create TCP and ZMQ servers. »
  • Connect to TCP and ZMQ servers. »
  • Monitor sockets. »
  • Obtain information about currently running processes. »
  • Measure available memory and memory usage. »
  • Capture network packets during a specified time or specified evaluation. »
  • Read and write ByteArray objects. »
  • Encode binary data as Base64. »
  • Process text using the full range of Unicode characters. »
  • Serialize arbitrary expressions in WXF, an efficient binary format consumable by other languages. »

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