Data Import & Export

Mathematica 12: Data Import & Export

Data science projects start from importing data. With advancements in acquiring and storing large datasets, accessing the relevant parts of the data efficiently is more important than ever. Version 12 adds richer support for importing structured data into immediately computable data structures. Data import and export in the Wolfram Language can more effectively be used to perform statistical analysis or modeling and build classification, recommendation or prediction applications in a wide variety of domains such as finance, medicine, physical sciences and many more.

Mathematica 12: Data Import & Export
  • Significantly improved data import from CSV, TSV and Excel. »
  • Efficient import of parts of spreadsheet formats.
  • Significant speed improvement and design updates to HDF5. »
  • Significant speed improvement and feature updates to FITS. »
  • Convert between compatible file formats. »
  • Efficient import from and export to byte arrays. »
  • Ability to control the overwrite behavior in export. »
  • Comprehensive support for audio metadata such as for MP3. »
  • Full support for import and export of animated PNGs. »

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